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At this point I'm consumed by the life living in Africa can provide. Fruit & Smoothies every morning for $3, eating/drinking out at full restaurants for $20. The hotel in Ghana was literally $70 a night for a King Duplex Suite right next to the US Embassy. Im eating Jollof & Fried Rice with every meal, everywhere I stayed had a pool. Had a driver who was really from the town so he was showing us both sides of Accra. Life was sweet.
Photos: From the last few days in Ghana
To be honest, Dr. Umar might be on to something with this migration back home talk. I'm having a great time but it's the 4th now and I'm starting to think of when to make my exit.
My friends are leaving to South Africa today and it's either I go with or chill a little long then go home. Skeptical about extending my trip I take another day in Ghana just relaxing. I went out to eat and went back to Osu market to find a lady I saw with fire screen printed tees. After choosing out a bunch and responding to her challenges asking my familiarity with the impactful figures printed on the shirts, we got into how they are made.
Her Husband makes them by hand. All of the shirts actually start out as solid color blank vintage tees. Then tie dyed and washed to create color effects. Then screen printed with various African/Black figures of history. The shirts are literally perfect. I would speak more on this but I'm revisiting her next trip and making a bunch for AMA. My goal is to lock in with every African manufacturer I meet. I want to visit Africa at least 4 more trips this year.
What happens next is literally just textbook stupid but you know WE OUTSIDE! lmao. Long story short, I let my friends leave cause they have to for this streetwear convention Streek Souk in Capetown. Realistically, I should have just left with them cause eventually I still decided to go but now I missed the pop-up. Also would've never met the screen print lady my last day in Ghana.
I impulsively buy a one way ticket from Accra to Capetown, South Africa on Ethiopia Airways. It was the fastest sequence of flights I could find and ran me about $500 for a same day one way. I had a two hour layover in Ethiopia and I will 100% be back.
It was a 5:00am flight and I love flying into the sunrise. It's easily the best view you can get from the sky in flight. Plus I'm sitting in what I called the "Middle Class First Class", when you get a full row in Main Cabin.
Typically you fall into this on a more empty flight or if they have to throw you in an exit row last min. They also had menstrual product available in the restroom, from a nursing standpoint I always think is really cool. Food was super mid, seats were kind dated, and no wifi lol. You literally had to put your brain on airplane mode. Despite all this I would fly again. I slept most of the way and the flight was cheaper compared to other airlines. 
Nothing could've prepared me for the amount of yt people that live in South Africa. I had to check my location cause it was really giving "Down South" not "South Africa". I was hungry asf fuck so I rushed to my friends BNB, took a shower, then we went to brunch. At this point, I don't have a suitcase. It's still in Ghana and will go straight home to JFK from there I hope smfh. Thats a whole nother story, I don't have time for. But don't mind me if I'm rewearing fits.
This spot was call Charles. Croissant French Toast went crazy. Avocado toast was good. Good prices.Great staff and nice outdoor seating. Would def go again. 8/10.
Capetown is a big beautiful city filled with people of some many different cultures. Sounds of Xhosa and Afrikaans fill the air. The best and only places to stay are V&A Waterfront or City Center, everywhere else is not safe for tourist. However, in these neighborhoods there are a lot of police presence and private security.
If you want Beach and great views stay at Waterfront, if you want to be close to nightlife, more places/locals around and most accessible stay in City Center.
Capetown is super developed, like beyond anywhere else in Africa infrastructure wise. It literally felt like I was in LA the whole time. City Center is DTLA, Waterfront is Santa Monica or Venice. Long Street feels like New Orleans. The was so many similarities to home here it was kinda crazy.
The Biggest Highlight of this trip was heading to the market and meeting a new leather manufacture!! I was supposed to be here for 72 hours and stayed two more days working with him to create these samples form scraps on his studio floor. Staying later out here means I had to cancel PFW next week but it was worth the sacrifice. The process was insane and he taught it all to me step by step.This was the most fun I've had creating in so long. I really want to help him as a developing small business. He said things have been kind hard but their summer season is approaching and they usually have more tourist around shopping.
Doing this Black History Month, Made in Africa drop with him and we're both so excited about it.
I am releasing the Pre-order for these two pieces Feb 17th and it will stay open for about a week on the last day of the pre-order I will fly back to Capetown to produce all the bags with him and work on new samples. Women's Bags only next run.
Ending this will all the photos I took on this leg of the trip. Been shooting mostly digital out here. My film has been acting up but I've kept a roll in it so we'll see if its actually working. Got a new camera for Christmas as well so you might see more shots on that soon.
All Photos Courtesy of Oluwole Olosunde RN BSN Jan 2024

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